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I've been out of town the last few days.

I went to sleep early at the hotel the night before and woke up to a text message:

Awe you should. If you want me to leave alone, like for good. You say the word. I just like talking to you :) and just like you in general :)


I haven't told anyone to fuck off lately. Or have I? I really had to go back in memory and think of people who have pissed me off. I couldn't find anyone. Which is odd in and of itself.

So I sent a text message back:

umm..who are you? I think you sent your message to the wrong number

The reply:

Sorry I definately (sic) had the wrong number . . Haha wow glad i did . . I'm never drinking again

Okay those were pretty freaking funny. A couple of more texts were exchanged with me laughing at the fool.

I'm thinking of skipping the hybrid. I want a new vehicle now and not six months from now. I'm looking at various models, not married to any, loyal to none. I'll probably go out to the automall tomorrow and look at various types and if one fits, I'll get it. Colour is important. I'm leaning towards black, blue or red.

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