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So, last week, I asked a question of a blogger that I thought would merit a serious answer. It was a question I posed about why Aboriginal (Indigenous) populations get so few press despite the horrible living conditions and the history of abuse faced at the hands of governments.

The answer I received was disappointing. Shallow, even. I may stop reading the blog. I don't know. I have it on my RSS reader and I haven't figured out how to delete it.

The fact is, 90% of the population don't understand the struggles of Indigenous people the world over. North America being the worst.

I used to be a fighter. I'm tired of fighting. I used to read the globe and comment section all the time whenever they posted an article on First Nations in Canada. Take for example, the apology by the Prime Minister and various leaders in the House of Commons. I read some of the comments and it was the same as it was last year, and the year before that: $10 billion "wasted" on "indians". "Indians" being lazy, drunks, no-good. And I'm tired of fighting that ignorance.

I was in a meeting a few weeks ago with First Nations people who are brilliant. So brilliant, in fact, I questioned why I was there. These brilliant people were working in areas that would move the quality of life forward for their people quickly. They talked about stories on why they ended up in the field they were in. Why they were passionate. Why they still fight the fight.

It was an amazing display and I was lucky to be amongst them. You never hear about them in the news. You just hear the easy fluff stories where we're wasting taxpayer money and being a thorn in the side of the taxpayers of Canada who pay for everything.

And it makes my ass tired. The fact is, First Nations Peoples shouldn't have to pay taxes. They already have paid, and continue to pay, enough through the resources that are being stripped from their territories. All that mining, oil and forestry exploration is on territory still in dispute. Imagine if I came in and claimed half your house and then told you you'd have to pay me for the part of the house that is now mine. And that you'd have to negotiate to get the house returned to you, but you'd never fully get it all back. I'd continue to benefit from the use of something I took unjustly and you'd continue to pay the price.

Wonder why education is so hard to get? Because of residential schools. People don't trust a system that almost destroyed a culture.

Want to know why there are rabid health problems? People don't trust doctors.

You always read in the comments of how this all happened 100 years or more ago so get over it. It didn't. My parents are still alive and they suffered from residential school. Imagine a community where there are no children running, laughing, playing. That's what happened in communities. Imagine being raped, beaten, spiritually abused, neglected, being forced to eat rotten food, sent out to work in fields. Killed. That didn't happen 100 years ago. The last residential school closed down in the 1990s. Yes. You read that right. Even while you were getting your education, children were still being taken away from their parents.

Think it's ended? Think again. More children are being taken away from their homes and families today than they were doing the residential school days. More children are in the department of social services being raised by people not their parents or relatives. Think they'll be taught their culture? Think again.

Do I want pity? No. I'm one of the lucky ones. I know where I come from. Most of the time, I know where I'm going. I grew up with the love and security of my parents who vowed, "never again". Never will their children be taken. Never will their children be abused. Never will their children be felt like they weren't loved. I'm lucky. Not many of my people were.

And instead of this type of reply from a prominent blogger, I was met with a semi-sarcastic response. Which is disappointing. I admire people who aren't afraid to put themselves out there and speak of injustices. I admire people who have struggled and help others overcome their struggles.

I admire very few people.

And this is why.

An opportunity was squandered. And I am disappointed. But I'm not surprised.

I've found the more popular blogs are filled with self-congratulation and grandeur. Where it's one big circle-jerk of people trying to maintain a persona, an image.

And it disgusts me. But it doesn't surprise me. Nothing does.

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