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These past couple of days have been freakin' exhausting.

I bought a couple of salmon fillets for dinner.

I started grilling them.

Then fell asleep.

And they burnt.

And buying salmon fillets aren't cheap.

What a freakin' waste.

I was talking to a co-worker during a coffee break. Her relationship isn't going well. But she doesn't want to end it because of how it may hurt her boyfriend even though he's a great guy but they have nothing in common anymore. I asked her if he would care about her feelings if he thought they weren't right for each other anymore. She thought about it and realized that he wouldn't. He'd ditch her in a hearbeat. Yet there she is, staying in something that isn't healthy for her because of someone else's feelings.

A month ago I asked a co-worker what she was thinking when she got engaged. She then broke off her engagement. Now she's postponed it.

Why do people listen to me?

I told my co-worker, "I don't know why people listen to me. The most successful relationship I've had has been with the Edmonton Oilers." Another co-worker was walking by and gave a funny look and laughed saying, "what a bizarre time to be walking in on a conversation."

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