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More car problems. Whatever a ball joint is. Luckily I wasn't driving 100 km/h at the time. Or whatever. BCAA sent a very nice mechanic since I wasn't sure what all the scraping noise was. We discussed the "crooks" at ICBC, how he drives around all day and it sucks when he's stuck out in Maple Ridge at the end of a shift because he lives in Richmond.

This is going to cost me a few hundred dollars.

I think I'm going to just bite the bullet and put in an order for a Hybrid. Maybe. I'm going home this weekend so I'll check out dealers back there and get my Dad to negotiate prices etc., since he's better at that than I am. If the fuel efficiency and environmental impact is the same for a Ford Escape and a Ford Fusion, I may go for a Fusion. Ditto for a Malibu Hybrid. It's time to keep holding onto this car. It's crying to me for a break and I have to stop being selfish.

We had so much fun when we went out a few nights ago. I swear my side was killing me with all the laughing I did. I wasn't even drinking. My friends were and two of them just met each other.

They decided we're going to New York but for whatever reason they felt we were too poor to afford a hotel on our own so they were plotting ways to get people to pay for us.

I picked one of my colleagues up for our meetings. His wife and I have known each other since the Liberal leadership convention. It's just how small the world is that her husband now works for one of the organizations I work closely with. We discussed how drunk his wife and another colleague got and he said he was amused that they were acting like they couldn't afford to go to NYC on their own with all their scheming. I laughed because my co-worker owes about 8 days of o/t before she can start banking more overtime to be able to take time off yet they're planning us to got NYC in August.

I'm thinking I'll go in September. Tickets to see DMB are about $220 each but it's a benefit concert so I just may go. Just trying to figure out the average hotel rate for about 5/6 days.

Stephane Dion made me proud today and I hope Canadians see what I see in the man. He's not afraid to do something that is right, that helps Canadians AND helps the environment. This is why I voted for him. This is why I will vote for him.

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