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The server migration at work was full of hitches. Chief amongst those is the fact it wasn't completed this weekend. This meant no blackberry or work access.

Now, I know the blackberry is usually called, "crackberry" as it shows the worst of our dependence on technology and the news showing the worst of the users. Those that email and access their blackberry like it's water and they just crossed the desert.

To put this in perspective, I sit on many different committees, all of which are pretty active. I get emails constantly from people regarding input on different stages of drafting materials.

We're also moving pretty quickly on a couple of projects at work and my co-workers rely on me to review their materials to make sure it sticks to "corporate" message.

I rely on my blackberry for scheduling my appointments. I have so many meetings that it's hard to keep track of all of them. I used to be able to rely simply on memory but when you have meetings on the same day, it's easy to confuse which is where. When I'm blocking off sections in my calendar, I use the "alarm" feature on my blackberry to notify me of meetings that begin in an hour. With the hour alarm it gives me plenty of time to get to my destination.

Unbeknownst to me, I had such an appointment this morning at 9:30. I was sure that the meeting wasn't until the afternoon but it was changed last week and I just accepted it believing I'd remember. I got a phone call this morning on my home phone saying, "Aren't you coming over?" HUH? That's when I missed my blackberry. Nothing notified me about my pending meeting.

I missed my laptop because we have templates for meetings, reports, power point presentations, etc. I needed to do some work with microsoft's powerpoint program. My Mac doesn't have the program. I don't use it personally. So I was stuck at the office all day using someone else's laptop to finish off some reports needed for tomorrow.

My blackberry still isn't ready. I'm hoping it's ready tomorrow. I don't mind being without it on weekends but during the weekday, because I work from home, it's a live connection to the office. It's also my cellphone contact with people throughout the country. It's how people reach me. Without it, I have no connection to anyone and if you're trying to reach me, I wouldn't know. Like all things, you have to use the blackberry in moderation. But being a worker from home, it's vital during the work week.

I'm in meetings away from the office for the next two days and if an emergency pops up, I'll be none the wiser. Should be interesting.

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