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Seriously, I want to go on vacation.

I just fel the desire to hop on a plane and go somewhere.

Sadly, work is hindering any plans.

I am going home this coming weekend though. I have meetings close to home the following Tuesday. Friday was supposed to be a day off but since I have meetings, I'm taking Monday off and attending to the meeting on Tuesday/Wednesday. It'll give me a few days at the parentals.

But that's not a vacation.

I thought about Vegas. Some friends are going in August but it's too hot in August.

I'm seriously contemplating New York. Dave Matthews Band has a concert at Madison Square Garden on September 10. I could fly out, theoretically on the Tuesday for the Wednesday show and come back on the Sunday. It'll give me a weekend in the Big Apple.

Flight costs are pretty reasonable. Room rates are jack high right now but that's to be expected given the months in advance. If I can get a room somewhere nice for under 200 a night, I'll be happy.

September's so far off though. Maybe I'll go down to Seattle for a few days and pretend it's somewhere spectacular.

Man I want to go back to New Zealand.

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