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Yesterday was such a long and emotionally - and physically - draining day.

I had to sit in on an interview from 10 - 11. I then had a teleconference from 11 - 12. I hung up at about 11:45 because it was just people babbling and being self-congratulatory.

Then I was at one of the many sites Aboriginals gathered to listen to the formal apology given by the government of Canada to Aboriginals for the residential school fiasco - for lack of a better word.

I sat and listened to Harper. I looked out at survivors sitting amongst premiers, various MLA's and city officials, etc. Sitting amongst their children and grandchildren and wiping away their tears.

I phoned my parents to hear them fighting back tears, having thought they cried enough but reliving some experiences they had in such residential schools.

I turned on the radio to listen to the news, thinking I'd hear commentary from various people on what a truly historic day this was. One hundred years in the making. Proof, finally, to all those who believed Aboriginals became alcoholics by choice, that their dysfunction was by choice, that the reserve system was their choice.

Instead, the leading story in the news on all major radio stations in this city was Trevor Linden retiring. Sure he meant a lot to this city but his retirement more newsworthy than an historic apology from a government that attempted to commit cultural genocide on over 100,000 Indigenous Peoples in this country? The attempted genocide still having a far reaching impact on social problems this country has? And it gets put to the back of the newscasts?

I was never more disgusted.

I came home and waited for the news, thinking it too would be put on the backburner. I commend Global, a station that I usually tune out because I think they're idiots, as they lead their broadcast with stories from across the country. CTV - the new owners of Canada's "second national anthem" - didn't. Fuckers.

It's a fight I don't talk about often here, because I don't want to be just "the colour of my skin".


Then I had a teleconference from 2:30 - 4:30. More grandstanding, blah blah blah.

Sometimes I really hate people and want to punch them in the face.

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