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You know what pisses me off about women? They given in too easily. On practically everything.

Say you have a rule. And another person of the opposite gender has a rule. And those rules conflict. One has to bend. You know who's usually bending? The woman. She'll bend her philosophical ideals, her principles, her needs and her desires. She'll acquiesce. She'll sacrifice. She'll be the mediator, the one who gives in.

And that sets up the standards for the relationship. You give in once, you'll give in again and while the details may be small at first, the sacrifices minimal, eventually it'll be a bigger one and since she's always done it, she'll be expected to do it again and she will.

And then she slowly loses herself. Slowly becomes a person the other wasn't attracted to. The person who admired her because she was strong and principled and idealistic. And suddenly that's not who she is anymore.

And it's her own fault. If she stood her ground from the beginning, it may have taken a different turn.

But she didn't. So there she is, not who she once was. And when she realizes this, she'll have to decide whether it was for the better or did it just make things worse.

I'm trying to find a weekend that I can go to Toronto and hang out with my friends and it's not looking good.

I figured the long weekend we get next week but I have meetings on Friday and a meeting Tuesday. I'd usually take Friday off and come back Monday.

Then I thought July long weekend but I have meetings in Victoria the day after the long weekend. August long weekend may be a possibility. September isn't as family comes here and I go see Dave at the Gorge.

I may have to use some actual vacation days. First, I have to see if I have any days left of overtime.

I'm starting to feel a little pissed off again. Where's time going?

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