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I way packed way too much. Which would have been a good thing if I planned to live there, but not for this trip. With washing machines at my disposal, there were about 5 pairs of pants I didn't wear. Plus, inside that suitcase was another suitcase that also added to the weight of the suitcase and prompted every single airline to tag it "heavy". I've learned my lesson though. I'll only pack an extra suitcase if I'm travelling for more than 3 weeks and if I plan on actually shopping a lot. I did shop, but not to the extent that warranted an extra suitcase. The funny thing is, I culled the first time I packed. It would have been even more heavy if I kept all the original things from the first time I packed. I think one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, dress pants and a dress are enough. Then just bring a lot of underwear and three - maybe four - pairs of shoes. And you only need one pair of runners. There were three pairs of shoes I didn't wear either and they just added bulk. Not fun when you're lugging it in and out of a car.


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