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Still no car. I drove by today and I saw the bumper painted and sitting in front of my car that was parked right in front of the body shop. I'm hoping tomorrow. Please be tomorrow.

I'm getting used to driving this box.

I had a meeting this afternoon in Victoria so took the seaplane over. It was a wobbly flight. Like swaying side to side. I was getting dizzy. And I was dizzy for my meeting. And I was dizzy on the flight back. During take off, I don't know what the hell the pilot was up to but I almost snapped my neck. My co-worker was across the aisle and I said, "what the hell was that?!" and she laughed. Same thing happened on the way back.

I have meetings tomorrow at the office.

I still have pictures from my trip I haven't uploaded on facebook. My files on this new mac are messed up. I need to burn the pictures to cd so that I can find where the duplicates are and delete them.

My roommate's been wanting the tv series Charmed on dvd. I checked ebay and ended up buying the 8 seasons to That 70's Show. During my former bouts of insomnia I caught some episodes and found them funny.

Now I just need to buy all 20 seasons (or something like that) of The Simpsons.

I wish Comedy Central would start their own 24 hour news network. I fear it would be the most reliable news network on air.

I'm not cheering for the Wings to win the Cup. I'm cheering for the Pens to lose.

If you tune into the NHL Network, you can catch Oiler games from the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs. Bittersweet.

I got my Ales Hemsky jersey. Have I said that yet? Man it's freakin' sweet. I see it first thing in the morning and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season. I can't wait to see them here in Vancouver and also in Edmonton. And I'm definitely going to see them somewhere back east this season too.

It's not that I'm lazy to post. I'm just not as angry as I once was and used this as a venue to rant.

I was hungry the other day and thought of going to Earl's and realized my that dumb kid was still in Bangladesh taking up residence with cockroaches and stomach ailments.

There's talk of taking a work trip to New Zealand sometime in the future. I hope that happens. It'd be sweet. I'd love to go back where I'm not paying the airfare or accommodation costs. And where I'm going with an entourage.

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