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Of course I would have the same adjuster I had when my car was stolen. When I pulled up she said, "you're not having a good couple of months, are you."

Yeah, this can be freakin' depressing.

The damage is approximately $3,000.00. It's going to be fixed. It's great news. I was worried they'd just write it off. I couldn't sleep last night. Seriously. I think I fell asleep at 5:30 this morning only to have to get up at 6:30 to get to the insurance office for my appointment.

I came home, made some phone calls - Mom and sister - and watched TV.

Then I went to the car repair shop. He remembered me too from when I dropped off my car before I left on vacation.

"You're back again? What happened this time?"

I have a courtesy car. It's a Honda Element. It's a bit boxy but it's not bad. I wouldn't buy one. There's no driver's arm rest and I like those. Small detail but big one.

My brother-in-law now refers to my car as "the tank". "What's going on with the tank."

And thinking about it, the poor beast has survived a lot of incidents.

One winter I parked it at my parents place. My Dad was clearing the driveway with a FORKLIFT and forgot my car was parked and pushed in the hood and grill a bit. That cost about $500 to fix.

Then a suicidal deer struck the right side of the car, causing over $5,000 worth of damage.

Then the roof was ripped open by thieves who stole my clothes, causing over $1000 in damage. Plus a few hundred dollars in clothes, shoes and make-up.

Then it was rear-ended about two months ago. No damage.

Then it was stolen. I don't know what the total of all that was.

Now this.

It's had other incidents too. One time I hit black ice, spun out and hit the ditch. No damage. We landed in soft snow, thankfully, instead of the side of the mountain.

With the deer, it was the passenger side. Now it has a new roof.

Now it'll have a new front and driver's side stuff.

My sister said that I'm practically driving a new car with how many parts have been replaced.

Meanwhile, her husband has totalled two of their cars.

We laughed and said when I want mine totalled, I'll just get him to drive it. It really cracked us all up then he got mad because we were laughing too long about it.

What else can you do, eh. Crying isn't an option.

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