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I was texting with a friend this morning, wondering what time her plane left, as I told her I'd give her a ride to the airport. She said at 3:45, so I said I'd be at her place by 12:25, giving us plenty of time to get her to the airport.

One of the roads to her place was CRAZY, so I turned left and took another road. This story is "the road taken".

You guessed it. COLLISION.

Quite a bit of damage to my car.

I wasn't speeding.

Have to add that as a caveat as there are rumours floating around that I'm a crazy driver.

It was a lovely day here in Vancouver. I had the roof down on my car and wasn't stressing about traffic.

There were streets shut down due to community events, there were graduation ceremonies, etc.

So, at a stop light I texted my friend and told her I was running late. She sent one back saying, "no worries".

Driving down a tree-lined street, going less than 50, truth be told, I was listening to crappy songs on the radio and just enjoying the day. Wondering what to do after dropping her off at the airport. Sleep was an option. So was going down to the beach with a nice book.

Weird that while on the road I actively sought out the water, yet here I am living right next to it yet I never spend time by it like I did while travelling. Hence the thought of a book and the beach.

Then BAM. Car collision. I'm travelling west, as my friend lives in a well-to-do neighbourhood of the city. The car is coming from the south, on a side street, turning left and heading east on the road I'm on. Except it doesn't stop. Until it is directly in front of me with me having milli-seconds to react. She has the look of that screamer in the painting but she doesn't keep driving to avoid me she STOPS right in front of me. I realize she stopped and I have milli-seconds to react so I slam on my brakes, realize I don't have enough time and swerve my car to the right hoping to avoid a collision where I t-bone her car.

So, the front left side of my car has endured substantial damage. I couldn't even open the driver's side door. The bumper was pushed back so it blocked the door opening.

After I pulled over to the side of the road, I phoned my friend and told her she's going to have to find alternate transportation since I don't think I'll make it in time.

Thankfully a witness stopped, came up to me and said she saw the whole thing and she was late and couldn't hang around but thought it was the right thing to do and stop and at least give her name and number, etc. The first time she gave it, it didn't save in my phone because I forgot how to save numbers and I was shaking so much. She was patient and even wrote it down in case I entered the wrong information. She said that she stopped in case I needed a witness as I was in the right.

The lady who was in the wrong pulled over and called her husband who came down in his BMW to assist her, I guess. We didn't talk much. He called the police in case they needed to come down but they said since there were no injuries they weren't needed.

We exchanged information and they asked if my car was drivable. I pulled ahead, turned around to make sure I could perform functions like steering and turning. I didn't see steam coming out of my car and I didn't see fluids leaking so I drove it home.

I am severely pissed off though. My poor car has been through so much. First I was hit in the back by an idiot, no damage. Then before my New Zealand trip it was stolen and recovered. Repairs were done while I was on vacation.

Then this.

When my parents were down last week, my Mom asked when I was coming home for a visit. I told her in a few months after I bought another vehicle and would drive this one home and park it at their place.


I phoned the insurance company to file a report and the other driver already did and I was informed by the insurance company that I don't have to pay anything as she is accepting full responsibility. Which is a relief. When things like this happen, you never know what they're going to say.

I thank profusely the witness that stopped and came to talk to me. I think if she wasn't there and talking and leaving her information, it may have been she said/she said. With an impartial witness, who said in front of both of us, that I had the right of way, it left the other driver with little option but to accept full responsibility.

Thankfully, also, nobody was injured.

I'm hoping that there's no damage to the frame. If there's damage to the frame, they may write it off. My car is far from new. It's older than my 10 year old niece but I had the repair shop fix all the little things wrong with it while they were fixing the ignition and door lock.

I have an appointment with a claims adjustor on Monday morning at 7:15, where they will assess the damage and I can drop it off at the same repair facility if it's fixable. I'm praying it'll be fixable. Or I'm going to cry for a very long time.

Thankfully I'm not travelling anywhere next week.

And to add insult to injury, my friend's flight was cancelled!! Some sort of mechanical problem. She felt horrible. Not her fault there are stupid drivers out there.

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