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I have an ebay account. It's really not that hard to open one up. But tell that to my family. My cousin asked me to look out for some hockey jerseys for her - canucks of course - for her niece and nephews. So I did. And somehow I find myself bidding on them and buying them. She doesn't know how. It irritates me but I know it'll take me longer to teach her so I silently seeth.

My credit card was infected with the purchases of Luongo and Sedin jerseys. Then my sister calls and tells me and asks what I'm up to so I tell her. She then says that brother's girlfriend asked her to keep an eye out for a flames jersey for our brother for his birthday and she'll send my sister the money. So my sister tells me to look for Iginla jerseys online so it'll save her looking around Calgary. I find one, tell her the price, she calls brother's girlfriend, brother's girlfriend calls me and asks me to buy it and she'll send me the money. I do.

So now, not only is my credit card infected with the canucks, it's also infected with the flames. Ick. It made me feel dirty.

I decided to check out Oilers and found a Hemsky jersey and one Hemsky jersey trumps all infections and life is back to normal as I bought it. Boo yah.

I've been reluctant to log into my credit card account to see the damage. I thought for sure it was approaching the upper end of my limit. I made a big payment on Saturday but I knew I charged a fair bit and who knows what my sister's been doing with her card.

I couldn't sleep again last night and remembered knowledge is power and I can't reign in my spending if I don't know how much I have to reign in. I'm pleased to advise the damage, even with the laptop purchase, isn't as bad as I initially thought it would be. Even with my sister owing close to $1k on it. I can have it paid off before July long weekend. Especially since I'll finally be getting my tax refund on Thursday - so says RevCan.

Hence the spending spree of jerseys.

See if you can find me a hybrid vehicle - in the mid-size SUV range - that has a good rating. I've looked at the Saturn Vue and it's rated lower than the Ford Escape. Surprisingly, for all you anti-north american vehicle buyers, the Ford Escape Hybrid has a pretty good rating on consumer reports. The Vue's not so much at all.

Dodge doesn't make a hybrid mid-size suv.

Who knows. A friend just called me from the bus. Maybe I'll just start taking transit. Haha.

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