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So, I've been sick. On vacation. It totally sucks.

It started the day before I left Perth. It started getting really cold at night. I didn't realize this right away because during the day it's in the 20s. And I'd fall asleep with the blankets off. And I'd get cold. And there's a window by the head of the bed. And the back window is open so I woke up freezing. And a sore throat. I thought lozenges would do the trick. No.

So I flew into Sydney on very little sleep with a cough and a sore throat. I stopped by a chemist - that's what they call pharmacies here - and spoke to a chemist who recommended this spray and it's been working, thankfully.

I did manage to walk around Sydney for a bit yesterday. Man this place has changed a lot. I'm staying right downtown and it's constantly busy. 24/7. There's a McDonald's across the street and everytime I pass by it's always busy. North America has infected the world with a deadly virus. I'm thinking all these Hungry Jacks are Burger King.

I'm going on a bus tour today so I can hit all the Sydney tourist traps and then later this afternoon I'm going on a boat cruise to catch the views from the water.

Then I leave for home tomorrow.

Boo yah.

I've been gone for 3 weeks. It's time.

While walking around yesterday I managed to stop by a travel agent for the airline I'm flying and asked if it's possible to chane my flights. I was supposed to go back Sunday but managed to bump it up to Thursday. Granted, it's going to take longer since I have a stopover in Los Angeles but it's still 3 days earlier.

I talked to my sister yesterday and she's going to come visit me in Vancouver for the long weekend now. Plus, she has to pick up the TV I'm giving her. And possibly this laptop. If I should buy a new one. And possibly my iPod. My current iPod is set for a windows computer. Not sure what happens if you buy a mac. Someone should let me know. If I need a new one, I'll buy the iTouch 32 gig and be royally pissed off come Christmas when apple comes out with something totally better.

This has been a great vacation.

But I'm ready to go home. I leave Thursday afternoon here and get home Thursday at 5 pm. How great is life?

I've been thinking a lot about my next trip. I think it'll be Italy and Ireland. I like this taking on two countries at a time. Perhaps next March for St. Patty's Day.

I plan on going back to New Zealand. Maybe in a couple of years and I'll bring my parents with me. I think the country is small enough to not be intimidating and big enough to be enjoyable. I've sent my parents the links to my facebook photos and they totally fell in love with New Zealand.

My sister and I decided to take a trip somewhere together too, when her youngest is old enough to be left alone. Maybe we'll see the big two in Europe, England and France. She'd probably enjoy that.

Vacations make working much more bearable.

I'm wondering if I still have a job though. I haven't been able to access my work email. Something about security certificates? If you know anything about this stuff, let me know.

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