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Yeah, so I don't have wireless access here in Perth. Nor do I have cellphone service. So no blogging, emailing, reading my google reader daily, or checking facebook. Or sending and receiving text messages.

I can't believe that little New Zealand is able to get me cellphone coverage but big Australia can't. I knew there was a reason why I loved New Zealand more.

The wedding was fabulous.

As soon as my plane landed on Friday we rushed to Jodie's, I did a half-assed job changing clothes and trying to look presentable, and we went out for her "hen party" as they call them here. It involved dinner and then the pub. Jodie was a good girl and went home after the first pub closed. Her sister, who ironically shares the same name as me AND the same spelling, dragged me out to other clubs with other friends. They're a fantastic group of people. I have no idea how I managed to survive these few days because these women drive CRAZY. I mean crazy! One thought I was passed out in the backseat of her car and I told her, "No, I was just praying that I make it to Jo's alive." and "I didn't want to see what was to be my demise."

But seriously, this lack of internet access at my disposal and no text messaging may just do me in. I can't live like this. It's bad enough they don't cover hockey here. For that I blame this country for the losses of the Habs and the Avs. I couldn't watch and they couldn't play without me watching.

Aside from that, these freakin' birds outside of the house better not start squawking at freakin 10 minutes to 6 in the morning or I may just find a gun and shoot them. Yeah it was cute for the first 2 minutes then it was all "LET ME GET BACK TO SLEEP."

I'm here in Perth for another week. A week without adequate internet access and absolutely no text messaging. What the hell is this? 1990? How can people live like this, I don't know.

PS: I've been doing well with my budget. I've been trying not to just buy things for the sake of buying them but justifying what I'm spending money on.

If I shave $500 off my budget for this trip, I'm buying a mac laptop. Or at least a lighter laptop that's just as good as mine. But lighter. This one isn't all that heavy but it is bigger than I want it to be. It is heavy though when you're lugging around a 30 lb suitcase.

Oh yeah. The Marines are in town. Which is ironic because they were in town the last time I was in Australia too.

And I have an accent. One of Jodie's friends will stand beside me and try mimic every word I say, trying to say them with my "accent". She kept doing this at the bars we were at and then this dude thought it was acceptable to do the same. She flipped out on him. Threatened him with bodily harm. She said, "Only I can tease her about her accent, if you do I'm beating the shit out of you." It was funny. Heck, I don't care if people think I have an accent. I call it proper English speaking skills. I do care that some confuse it for American though. And not because I'm anti-American. It's just that I'm Canadian. I'm sure yankees hate being called Canadian too.

I am starting to be lonesome for home. There really is no place better to be on earth. As wonderful as this place is, as wonderful as the people are, you just want to be home. Especially seeing the comraderie everyone has, family around, friends. It takes a long time to build that up. I miss my circle. My connection, my sense of belonging.

Ah well. Waxing nostalgic.

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