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I miss work!!! How sucky is that? I didn't see that coming at all. I now check work email as well as personal email.

Not only does it look like I'm going to Ottawa the week after I get back, but a trip to Wisconsin may be on the agenda as well. Huh?

The big difference between Australia and New Zealand: Australia is big. New Zealand is small.

Big surprise, eh?

Well, it totally sucks. I've driven almost 900 kilometres so far and another 200 to go tomorrow. A lot of driving, nothing much to see. Except a dead joey on the road that I'm certain the rig in front of me killed and a dead kangaroo in the ditch. A fair-sized one. I would have pulled over and taken pictures but I think that's crude.

Speaking of crude. Fuel, or "petrol" prices are INSANE. $1.51 per LITRE! I may just start hitchhiking.

All this time on the road gives a person TOO much time to think. I've thought over every single "relationship" I've had, every single mistake I've made and every single smile I've witnessed.

I've decided that relationships with me don't work because I'm clearly mental.

This one guy had the most amazing smile but I imagined killing him because the way he chewed food irritated the fuck out of me.

Another ended because he was an asshole and I should have killed him.

The last one ended because I was an idiot and should have been killed.

See? Dead kangaroos have me thinking of killing people.

And then Eminem comes on and I go all angry white male and start wishing death on the people driving behind me that refuse to pass so we start playing a game of me slowing down to see if they'll pass and they slow down and then me speeding up and they speed up. I'm sure they were hoping by following me, I'd hit a 'roo instead of them. Then I pulled over and made them all pass me. Fuckers.

There's a show that's a big hit here in Australia called "Underbelly". Google it. I'm watching the season finale right now. It's about a Melbourne mafia. That happened WHILE I was in Melbourne the last time.

Sadly, my Aussie crush is away on military duty while I'm here. So he says. Men. Can't trust them. Or won't. Or don't. Take your pick.

Everything is fuckin' expensive here. Over TWO DOLLARS for a bottle of coke.

Speaking of coke.

I passed a creek that said, "Hungry Ck" and interpreted wrong and had a good laugh.

I thought about stopping and taking a picture but figured tourists did that shit all the time and there'd be some serial killer by the creek waiting and ready to kill me.

I'm staying at a hotel that has FREE WIRELESS!

I may never leave.

But I have to before Jodie becomes greatly offended that I'm never returning.

Plus I didn't bring much clothes with me on this little side trip. And I think I left my passport at Jodie's along with the rest of my stuff and she may sell them on the open market if I'm not careful.

I miss going to movies! I drove by a theatre on my way to this hotel and was tempted to go. But figured there were serial killers there too and decided just to check in.

I miss our 24 hours news networks back home. I even tried watching CNN online this morning to catch the primary results but it wouldn't let me. Or couldn't. Or didn't.

I decided I'm going to do the walk over the Sydney bridge when I get there. I haven't done anything daring on this trip. Well, aside from travelling by MYSELF. Some people think that's weird. I think it's a great way to travel. Last time I was here, my friend turned psycho. This time I do what I want, when I want, wherever I want. Today I went to a Whale World, where it showed the Australia's history of whaling. It was kind of gory and totally cheesy but interesting nevertheless.

Everytime I drive by something that looks neat I think, "I'm never going to see this place in my life ever again."

I have this thing now where I've dipped my feet in the Tasman Sea and the Indian Ocean. When I get to Sydney, I'm going to Bondi Beach and dipping them in the Pacific Ocean. Because that's how I roll, bitch.

Sorry. Eminem breaking through.

Eminem is a genius. Anyone that thinks otherwise deserves to die.

But then we all die in the end so I guess that means we're all deserving. Of what, I don't know.

For some reason my cellphone network's website won't let me log in to see what my latest bill looks like. I'm sure it's a fair bit considering I've made some international calls on it.

I haven't changed the time of my laptop. I like knowing what time it is back home, then adding 3 hours and changing it to either "am" or "pm". Whatever is the opposite of what my laptop clock says.

It's 9:28 pm on Thursday, May 8, 2008. Thought you might be interested in that.

I sent out an email I totally regret. I think it may be interpreted as something it isn't. I shouldn't send emails out while reading work emails.


I had too much time to think about that as well, while driving.

As part of the list of things I've done that were entirely fucked up in my life.

It was bordering on depressing.

Which is, again, why I prefer New Zealand to Australia.

New Zealand = happy thoughts during short drives.

Australia = bad, sad, angry thoughts during long drives.

New Zealand > Australia.

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