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This day has finally arrived. Who would have thought it?

Because I'm a last minute kind of person, I packed during the early hours of the morning and did half the work required for the contract I'm working on and will do the other half while on my flight to New Zealand.

This time in 12 hours I'll have boarded the long flight to the South Pacific. A week from today I'll be boarding a flight to Perth.

I have two things booked. One night's accommodation in New Zealand for when I get there and another night for when I leave. Beyond that, who knows where the road takes me.

I am leaning towards renting a car as well when I get to New Zealand. With the exchange, a week's rental will be under $300 canadian.

I got distracted while posting this. I started writing this when I woke up at 6:30 this morning after staying up until 2 am working on contract work.

I'm not a great worker. If I'm given a project, I'll visualize it and decide in my head how I'm going to work it out before I even start. Then I spent about 5 hours last night after the Habs game putting it into an excel spreadsheet and creating formuals for 7 different worksheets and amalgamating all the statistics. Sounds boring, yeah, I know, but it takes creativity to merge all of them, etc. I've decided I'm not being paid enough for this contract.

I'm going to miss the entire second round of the playoffs. That's the only thing really bumming me out.

My car was cleaned out at the insurance place this morning - getting rid of all the bad mojo the thieves left behind - and was going to be towed to the repair shop. It'll be completed early next week so by the time I get back, I'll have a car all set up for me.

Life is great.

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