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While driving south to Albany, a kangaroo jumped passed me on the highway. My first thought was, "OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT POOR DEER'S FRONT LEGS?" Then I remembered, duh, in Australia bonehead. Then it freaked me out because what if they travelled in cliques like the deer do and does this mean I have to drive slow so as to avoid totalling a rental vehicle.

Then it started to get dark early. Like around 6 pm. And then I started remembering serial killers that stalk people on trips in the outback or the middle of nowhere in Australia and thought, "You freakin' idiot, why'd you have to leave the city?" and a million thoughts went through my head on how my cellphone doesn't work, I may run out of gas even though it shows half a tank, I am travelling alone, I'm going to die.

Then I looked up at the sky and remembered I'm wearing a St. Christopher and told myself to have faith and that God will protect me even though I'm a heathen and have done some very bad things that I am truly remorseful for now that time has passed by and I've seen the err of my ways and even though I don't feel 100% bad I do feel bad if that makes sense.


I am getting really lonely. It's a nice thought to think of running away from home sometimes. I really believe I could live in New Zealand. Then I'll get an e-mail from my Dad that signs off with "love and miss you, M & D" and then I'll phone home and hear Mom and Dad talking, happy to hear from me, and then Dad starts talking hockey and then I REALLY START MISSING HOCKEY, and then I'll check facebook and there's an email from my sister on the shenanigans the kids are up to and I'll really start missing the kids. Jac and I will have at least a day a month where we talk on the phone for at least half an hour and I'll make her laugh and she'll call me silly. Now that's starting to happen with the little king and he calls me silly too and I realize I can't live too far because phone calls like that are expensive and I'll miss them too much and then I'll think about the Olympics in 2010 and even though I believe they're a huge waste of money it'll be a big party in my city.

And I want to go home.

And then Dave Matthews comes on the iPod while I'm driving and I start thinking about how it's summer back in my country soon and summer back in my country means the annual trek to see DMB perform and you know how freakin' far and expensive it would be to travel back to North America from Auckland to see Dave perform? FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE. And I'd have to do it too. And the kiwi dollar is like 80 cents to our dollar so I'd be making 20% less than I do now and spending it all on phone calls and plane tickets and then I decided.

I want to go home.

Don't get me wrong. This is a great vacation. I've loved everything about it (almost but I won't talk about that because I don't want to upset anyone) but there's no place like home.

I left Jodie's today. Not because anything's wrong but this wanderlust I have. I needed to be on the road, doing something, not having to wait for anyone else's agenda or what others wanted to do and then feel obligated to do them or feel anti-social.

Jodie and her husband are absolutely wonderful people and I just know they'll have a wonderful life together.

But being around other people's family makes me lonesome for my own. Seeing people with their friends, makes me miss mine.

Being here, helps me realize what an utterly fantastic life I have back home.

A life I want to return to.

A life I've taken for granted.

So, I rented a vehicle and took off to the southern part of Western Australia.

I checked into a hotel and the lady at the front desk was fabulous. She gave me a map and a list of activities to go to since she saw how "far away from home you are" when I signed in.

And, to boot


She's going to also hook me up with accommodations on the way back to Perth. I rented a vehicle for two days. I'll be back there Thursday. Then I leave for Sydney on Monday.

I'm not sure how long I'll stay in Sydney for.

Truth be told, I may try change my flight reservations for a few days earlier so I get home for the long weekend and visit the family I miss before delving back into work. If not, oh well.

Next vacation I'm going on, I'm going with a friend who is absolutely fabulous. We're either going to Ireland or Italy.

Or we may hit up New Zealand in February.

The world is mine to explore.

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