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Well, I'm on the final leg of my trip. Hanging out in crazy-assed Sydney.

Called my Mom this morning while it was still early evening back home and wished her a Happy Mother's Day. Prior to leaving, because I am an amazing daughter, I had already arranged a Mother's Day dinner for her, even though I'm thousands of miles and an ocean apart.

Truth be told, I'm ready to go home.

Australia's lost it's lustre with me travel wise.

Had a great time at Jodie's. After that, I don't know what the hell I'm doing here.

I'm going to see if I can head back to New Zealand tomorrow. Barring that, try get an earlier flight home.

People say these are trips of a lifetime. True enough, but I've done Sydney before. That was a trip of a lifetime too.

All trips are trips of a lifetime. With one of my lifelong friends living in this country, I doubt this is the final time I'm here. In fact, there's probably 2 more trips here and if I retire in New Zealand, many more.

Now that the rush hour has sort of ended, I'm going to go wander the streets and take pictures and plan my events for the next few days.

I was checked into a hotel that was allegedly 4.5 stars. They really need to work on re-classifying their hotels if this is 4.5 stars. There is no way in heck this is a better hotel than the Sheraton in Seattle. Especially since I have to pay for the internet here and in Seattle it was complimentary.

If I seem bitchy it's because I am. That shouldn't be news to anyone.

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