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I suppose if I have time to post pictures on facebook and answer emails, I should have time to blog, eh.

Here's how my Friday went:
- started panicking as I don't have any kiwi or aussie cash. Went to the bank to get some. They don't have any either. Useless bank. Decided I'll just go with the US money I had from my trip to see Dave.
- finished packing. Went for a walk to get snacks for the plane ride. There's always food that's comfort food but never tastes the same in different countries. I bought gum, pringles and diarymilk chocolate. And another convertor because you know one isn't enough.

I couldn't find my iPod usb connector. Panic ensues. I borrow my roommate's. Make sure the iPod is fully charged and finish packing.

Sit and wait.

About 6ish, head for the airport. I meet this girl in line who is like me, ie., Native. We talk about why we're going to New Zealand. Me, it's just a stop on my trip to Australia. She's there to do presentations. I want that gig.

I don't see her until we land in Auckland.

The flight is pretty uneventful. I have the window seat, there's a dude in the aisle. I silently resent the fact I have to share my row. I'm longing for the flat beds in first class and wonder if I should have upgraded.

Upon landing, the plane skids sideways a bit. I don't think the pilot is used to driving in rain.

It is so freakin' humid. My curly hair that I flatten out with a flat iron is fuzzy. I look homeless.

I meet up with the girl again and she's nervous, having not travelled before. She doesn't remember the name of the guy she's supposed to be travelling with. She describes him to me. I clue in. He's the former head boss at my former government job. Small freakin' world. I let her know I know him and that the reason we didn't see him was probably because he would be flying first class, not economy. Secretly wonder why they didn't fly her first class, then remember government policy that flights over a certain length are upgradeable to first class. So, after we've cleared customs I look for him and spot him, introduce them. I KNOW that even though we've talked on numerous occasions and he's called me and stopped by my office at government job, he doesn't remember my name. Pleasantries are abound, what am I doing there, etc.

She asks if we could get together while she's there for work and I advise I'm staying in Auckland only one night and travelling north the next day but I give her my email address and phone number should she be in the area and advise I'll be back around Thursday if she's still in Auckland.

I go to my car rental and pick up my car. After throwing my suitcase in the trunk I go to the driver's side to only realize it's now the passenger side and walk around to the other.

Driving on the "wrong" side isn't that bad. Just convince yourself the only difference is the driver's side is on the passenger side and follow a car to ensure that you're not in the wrong lane and hope they're not a tourist too.

I decided against the GPS device because half the fun is getting lost. And I got lost. Primarily because I forgot where the hotel was located so I didn't know what exit to take. I knew I passed it when I saw a cluster of towers and realized it was the downtown area and I didn't exit and ended up driving over this big bridge. Found a way to turn around and made my way back. Got into downtown and just started looking up. I knew it had a view of the water so I drove around the area until I saw the name of the hotel and made my way closer.

By this time, I look homeless because I just got off a 14 hour flight and the humidity has gotten to me. My hair is all frizzy. I need to buy hairspray/mousse to keep it flat or it gets really curly and I look like a crazy person.

The hair suits a purpose though. I look so horrid that even though check-in isn't until 2 pm, they let me check in a little after 7 because I look horrid. I check out the hotel room, it's nice, looks comfortable enough. I can't sleep right away so I turn on the laptop and watch Gone Baby Gone. I fall asleep before the end of the movie.

I wake up and go for a walk around downtown New Zealand. The "western" world has done a lot to infect other countries with the worst of our society. I see two starbucks within walking distance of each other and a Wendy's, Burger King and McDonald's all on the same block.

After having showered and flattened my hair, I realize it's humid again and I again look homeless despite my best intentions. I curse the humidity.

I get back to the hotel in time for evening appetizers and go grab some snacks. I recognize a distinct north american accent from a lady who has two kids so I ask her where she's from. She's from Chicago but lives in Australia now. Because their working visas haven't come through, they make the trip to New Zealand to renew them so they can stay in the area until it's done properly. She works for big corporation and will be in Aus a couple of more years.

I guess Bindi Irwin is staying in our hotel too. The daughter of the Croc hunter. It doesn't phase me. It's not like it's the Montreal Canadiens (like when I stayed in Toronto) or the Edmonton Oilers. Or Gerard Butler. But her daughter's excited so I'm happy for them.

I then retreat to my room hoping to get some sleep before the long day today.

I'm driving north today and hope to get there without incident. It's foggy here this morning so my plans of leaving early are for nothing as the last thing this country needs is me going the wrong way on a foggy day straigh in to oncoming traffic during rush hour. Whatever their rush hour looks like.

At any rate, I saw the Avs are down two games to none and the Habs lost last night so hockey generally sucks and I may cheer for San Jose if the Avs get knocked out so you'll have a First Nations name on the Cup either through Jonathan Cheechoo or Carey Price.

Can you believe Nascar is on TV right now? Yep, we're ruining the world, North America.

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