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It is 1:16 am on Tuesday, April 29, 2008. In Vancouver. I know this because that's what my computer tells me. In actual fact, it's 8:17 pm on Wednesday, April 30, 2008, here in Paihia, New Zealand.

And it's raining.


It seems to rain every freaking, bloody night. I couldn't sleep well last night because the rain just kept pounding down on my roof and windows. And it's doing it again tonight.

I had to be up freaking early too since the hotel owners convinced me I didn't want to drive up to Cape Reinga but rather take a tour bus and get to see more sites. The thought of not driving was very appealing so I forked out the money. Best move I made.

We were able to drive on 90 Mile Beach (it's not 90 miles). Something that would have been completely forbidden in the rental car.

We were able to make it up to Cape Reinga. Something I wouldn't have been able to do in my rental car as I'd have been on the side of the road sobbing.

Now, I'm a northern BC girl. I grew up on old dirt roads. But the dirt roads were WIDE. And you had cb's in your car to let you know if, say, a logging truck was coming in your direction. Here, that's not the case. You may be driving on a narrow, windy road and bam, on-coming vehicle and you're hoping the driver of your "VIP" van can swerve in time.

The fact that I'm posting this, proves he can.

But what a great day. Despite the downpour of rain at night, the days have been great.

This is the first picture I took this morning and the view from my hotel deck:

I have a freaking fantastic life.

I've also been keeping in contact with friends via email. Here's one I had with a friend of mine:

Hello L!

I have a big crush on this dude. I'm attaching a picture of him. Maybe I'll spend the next couple of days finding him and throwing him in my

I could seriously move here and die happy. Come join me. Bring my tv and my bed. The rest of the stuff is entirely replaceable.

Anyway, here's my favourite part of the trip so far. He carries himself very well and I love the accent. You know a lot of people here so find out information on him for me. I thought it would be too forward to say, "so are you single and if so, can we go out for a beer and perhaps back to
my room and then back to my country?" haha.

So, I'll be back here tomorrow at around 6:30, which would be 11:30 your time if you want to call.

Here's her reply. She cracks me up:

That man is absolutely gorgeous and his spirit shines! I think you’d better just go and find him and invite him out, then ask him to marry you. There is no time for the full dance when you’ve only got a few days to make it happen! The Maori women are strong too; I’m sure he will appreciate your direct approach. I think the Maori are as bad as us: unlikely to leave their beautiful home. And who could blame them? So it’ll be up to you. And the bed and tv are also entirely replaceable so just let it go.
Oh yeah. I'm online because even though I'm thousands of miles away, I'm working. Yep. You can take the girl away from the job but you can't take the job away from the girl.

Oh well. It's raining and I haven't had a chance to aggressively pursue given I was gone all day and if you recall I hate driving in the rain.

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