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CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I leave in 4 days. This time Friday I'll be frantically making sure I've packed all that I "need" on my trip. In all honesty, I only need: my visas, my passport, my iPod and my camera. And maybe my laptop.

I've booked my hotel accommodations for my first and last day in Auckland. I still haven't decided if I'm renting a car and driving up to the northern part of New Zealand or taking a bus or train. I'm probably going to rent a car. I suppose I should see if I need an international driver's license. I suppose I should have looked into that awhile ago.

I guess I don't have a concept of the "money" issue. It comes with being single, having no responsibility and a disposable income. That's not to say I'm irresponsible, because I'm not. But I don't look as working and planning only for something 10 - 20 years down the road. You have to enjoy getting there too.

It's why even though a trip to NZ/Oz is expensive, the fun I'll be having and the experience I'll have while travelling will outweigh the financial expense.

It's why if I want to buy my parents a trip to Memphis, paying for both the air and accommodation, I will. Because it's not just my happiness that matters to me. It's the happiness of those around me.

It's why, because my sister wants to see some UFC match in Vegas in July, I'll make it happen.

I'm happiest when those around me are happy.

So long as I don't feel like I'm being taken for granted and that the people I'm doing things for appreciate it, I'm happy.

If my brother phones me and asks me to borrow $1k a week before I leave for NZ, I'll lend it to him because he's made an effort to communicate more, by sending text messages and by calling more often instead of just when he wants something.

Hence no concept of money. I'm sure the thousands of dollars could have been thrown into an RRSP, hedge fund, mutual fund, house fund, what have you, but how does planning for a future that may or may not happen bring you happiness and contentment now?

I am saving money, I am throwing money into different accounts for the "future", but it's not something I'm sweating over. Maybe it comes from having lived where I'm wondering how I'm going to make it to the next week and stressing over not having money that it doesn't stress me out.

I don't know.

I just know that each vacation I've taken has been fun and memorable and during down times and when you're feeling sorry for yourself, those are the memories you hold closely to help you get through the bad times.

I have a plan in my head of things I need to do between now and Friday and a timetable for getting it done. Granted, half of it could have been done by now but it'd interfere with my general laziness this past week.

I meant to get to my post about my
supposed friend.

It was never my intention to meet fellow bloggers. I have enough friends, I don't need anymore. But Pat was always blah blah blah on msn and I finally said fuck it, okay.

I have to say, he's a pretty good kid. He has this energy that borders on ADD that's fun to be around when it's channeled in the right direction. He can ramble about anything and normally that bothers the shit about me because I'm more of a "just get to the point" kind of girl but it's okay when he does it.

I also like being able to send a text saying, "what are you doing? Let's go...." and he's always up for it. Whether it's a later dinner at Earl's or going to watch a game or going to a political event or to meet another blogger.

He's the one blogger I'm consistently in contact with. I don't think of him as a blogging friend. He's just a friend. And a cool one because he likes the Oilers. Not as much as I do, granted, but very few do.
Mitch comes a close second but is second because he has a girlfriend that takes up a lot of his time. And he's a Canucks fan.

Anyway, my supposed friend is leaving in a few weeks or week or whatever to do some kind of foreign work exchange program and he'll be gone for the whole summer. That bums me out.

I think he's the only hyper friend I have. And I think you only need one hyper friend. So if you know anyone in Vancity that's a bit loopy, a bit hyper, that babbles a lot and will begrudgingly see a movie with Leonardo Di Caprio in it even though he swears to high heaven he hates Leo with every fibre of his being, let me know. I highly doubt my supposed friend is replaceable but a girl can try.

I hope he does have a great time in a third world country where he's a pimp because of all the cash he'll be carrying around and he'll probably find a girl there he'll marry and that'd be funny as all get out.

Safe journeys, Cheesie. See you in September. Or later this week because we're supposed to grab a bite one last time before I leave. Maybe this time you can pay for once!

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