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You'd figure with the time going by quicker, I'd be motivated into doing things. Like working and cleaning and packing and making sure I'm prepared.

I'm not.

I haven't packed. I haven't even done laundry.

I lost my passport somewhere here. I suppose I should look for it.

My suitcase that I'm bringing still has a bunch of papers in it. I should empty it out and start throwing things in there.

You know what I hate.

When you forgot to do something because you fell asleep because you were so hungover, and then you get messages from someone asking if you'd done.

First of all, I'm working. I can't just arbitrarily decide to take off to drop off something if I'm working. Even though I work from home, I actually do work.

I got three messages from noon on until 3 asking me to do something.

I finally sent an angry message back. "Look, I know I have to drop it off. I can't make time pass by any further and if they keep harassing you as you say, give them my number and I can explain to them that I can't go until after work but this is getting irritating."

I haven't heard from her since then. She usually sends me texts everyday.

I did send her one after I stopped off downtown to drop off what she wanted.


Women just know how.

And it is irritating.

My brain isn't running properly. Not that it ever has. But I've been playing bad poker. I make stupid calls and lost over 150k in fake chips. A friend is going to give me some of hers. How, I don't know. But it pisses me off that I make stupid bets and stupid calls. I have to not do that.

I think the hotel I'm staying at in Sydney is close to their casino. I may stop by there and play some poker.

My sister's been wanting to go to Vegas. In July. For UFC. I'm tempted to go along. I need to make my yearly Stanley Cup bets.

If the Avs win the Stanley Cup. And by if I mean when, I'll win $600.

I'm going to miss my bed when I'm gone. And my TV. Have I said how much I love my TV?

I spent almost $600 buying half a TV for my parents. They paid the other half. After my Dad was all, "It's too expensive, we don't need one." blah blah blah, he's the one watching it all the time. I told my Mom to kick him off.

Actually, we were going to get a paltry 32 inch TV and my Dad saw one similar to mine and he called and started telling me about it and it was $400 more than the other one but he wouldn't say outright he wanted it so I asked to talk to Mom who then asked him and he didn't say no which in man talk means yes so we bought that one.

When I get back from Australia we're switching satellite providers as Bell has much more HD channels than Starchoice. Plus their service is deplorable.

My sister called Starchoice to cancel and suddenly they were giving her free PPV credits and free months, but she stuck by her position and cancelled anyway.

If you know how to get rid of that intrusive and annoying chat windows etc. on facebook that pop up at the bottom right hand of my screen, let me know.


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