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I really shouldn't drink on weekdays. Well, work weekdays.

I was completely useless yesterday.

Which doesn't differ much from other days.

Anyway, to put this next bit of business in context, during the long dinner, we obviously discussed relationships.

Friend #1's marriage hit a rocky patch.

Friend #2 broke up after a long relationship.

I don't believe in relationships.

Friend #2 said she's never going to get involved seriously again. She just wants to have casual relationships.

A light bulb went off.

I have this friend

Who is bad at relationships.

I figured the two would be great together. Long story.


Here's the text exchange:

Me: are you single?

Wait. To put it more in context even though my number is blocked (I have a private cellphone number) all my texts have a signature that says "Go Oilers Go!!!" So pretty much unless you're a dolt, you'll know it's me.

Okay back to texts:

Him: Are you?

Me: Umm..yeah...this is "Grace" by the way

Him: Yeah, I know.

Me: Anyway, I was just wondering if you were single because I was going to introduce you to a friend.

Him: I just started dating someone

Me: Okay, thanks

Him: calls me instead of texting.

I thought it was all very weird.

Oh yeah, they were all before we even finished off the first bottle of wine and I had barely sipped mine since I'm really just a water drinker during meals.

I leave A WEEK from today, bitches!!!

I'm trying to book a hotel room in Auckland. I'm leaning towards the Hyatt. They have a club level king sized room but it doesn't say whether it includes internet access.

The starwood brands have club level and it includes high speed. But the Hyatt isn't a member of starwood.

Someone should call the Auckland Hyatt and find out for me.

Because for all the extras offered, free internet is one of my favourites. I refuse to pay $25 for something the hotel has anyway.

And don't get me started on parking.

I'm thinking of buying a new vehicle when I get back. After I pay off my last loan with the bank.

I also may switch banks.

And with the housing market cooling. I/we may look at buying.

I have a quasi-contract I must finish this weekend. It means more money for my trip.

I also have to clean up.

Buy insurance.

Clean up.


Clean up. Seriously, with my office being at home, I need to get it all organized.

And I really must not give into the urge to buy a mac.

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