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UFC tonight. So jealous a friend of mine is there. Of course, by Friday she'll be jealous I'm in New Zealand - or on my way - so it all evens out.

George St. Pierre is taking on Matt Serra. First time in Canada. In my favourite Canadian city, Montreal.

I'm going out with a friend tonight, maybe, and catch it.

Even though I have this contract work to finish.

And my room to clean.

And stuff to buy.

I have my priorities in order.

I did manage to delete songs I don't want to listen to from my iPod. Because the flights are long, I decided I'm going to click on "all music" and not just listen to playlists or DMB. I'm going to have one run-through of all the songs on my iPod. But there's a lot of shit on there I don't want to listen to. So I deleted them.

And I'm going to add movies. I haven't finished watching Deadwood or Lost even though I have the dvd's so I figured I can add them for the long flights and downtime.

You'd figure I'd have started doing this ages ago given I only have six days and that's not really enough time to convert the dvds to movies but I'm a last minute kind of gal.

I also need to pick up a converter so my laptop, camera battery and iPod can be properly charged. And my hair straightener. Seriously, hair straighteners when you have wild hair like mine was the greatest invention ever.

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