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I was supposed to go out for a nice dinner with a friend last night since I'm leaving for NZ/OZ and she's leaving for Norway a few days before I get back so we won't see each other for over almost 2 months.

I then called another friend who was wanting us to get together before I left and invited her along.

We parked at my friend's hotel and walked to the restaurant.

A bottle of wine was ordered.

Food was ordered.

We solved all the world's problems.

We had more wine.

Then we went to my favourite bar to see my future husband who turns out to be austrian and not irish. Oh before we went to the bar, we stopped off and picked up another friend.

We had more drinks.

Then we went to another bar.

After we decided we're going to Ireland next year for St. Patrick's Day to possibly cure myself of this attraction to Irishmen.

And the bar sucked.

This dude said the male equivalent of Salma Hayek was Tom Cruise.

One of our discussions was who would you switch teams for. We all agreed on Salma (DUH!)

And so we wanted to know who men would switch teams for.

I politely asked the dudes to leave my space when they said Tom Cruise.

um....HELLO.....have you not seen Gerard Butler or Colin Farrell?

Heck, Ryan Phillippe would be up there too.

The bar sucked. It was the first I'd ever gone there and I hated it. I was bored.

So we went to another bar.

What's funny is these guys came up and started talking to us.

And made a big deal about being from Ottawa and working for the same department I used to work at.

So my friend told them I used to work for the regional office here.

And I quit.

And asked him which branch he worked for.

And told him I knew his boss.

After he tried saying he was head of his section.

Nice try dude.

He gave me his card.

And asked for mine.

But after that whole airport fiasco I don't carry my cards around.

I'll pretend I do. I'll look in my wallet and go, "Oh crap I don't have anymore"

I've learned my lesson.

I meant to post this earlier.

But got distracted.

With like trying to get this fuzziness out of my head.

I'm getting better at not sending out drunk texts or hate messages.

I was texting with
"Pat" before I got to the restaurant and told him there's a post coming up soon about him and he's all "cool" and I said you're assuming it's going to be a nice one and he said, "it doesn't matter it's all about me."

I also sent
Mitch asking him about his car and a friend wanting to get the mazda equivalent and Mitch was too cheap to let her use it for a week to get a feel for how it was before she bought it. Canuck fans.


Oh, I think we're going to Vegas in a few months too.

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