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Should I be concerned that people are wanting to spend time with me before I go away?

I had a breakfast "meeting" with a co-worker yesterday that lasted pretty much all of the morning.

Tonight I'm going out for dinner with another co-worker. When I get back from Australia, she'll have taken off for Norway. She's an out-of-towner and she wants us to go for a nice dinner then maybe drinks and if I "can't" drive home, I can stay with her at her hotel and then we can head off to our meeting together the next day.

I've gotten emails from friends wanting to do something.

Do people know something I don't? Am I never coming back? If that's the case there are things that need to be shredded and this computer will need to be culled of information.

Should I email my password to someone just in case who can leave a final post?

Although, I'm sure
some people will be able to tell you if I'm alive or dead.

The Avs won last night. By a lot. Which made me all kinds of happy.

I'm too lazy to work lately. I'm on cruise control not accepting meeting invites and just doing what has to be done before I leave.

I doubt I'm bringing my blackberry with me. I'm bringing my laptop so I may check on work email from time to time but the whole purpose of a vacation is to get away from all that crap.

I have a meeting downtown with a co-worker I don't particularly like. If it wasn't set up a month ago, I would cancel. I don't think she's suited for the job. If it were my choice, she would have been let go. Perhaps it's best it's not my choice. It's going to be painful. I have to pretend we get along when I really don't think she serves a purpose.

For some reason I have Dave Matthews Band's song,
Seek Up, in my head lately. There are moments where all I can think about is DMB and their lyrics and songs and it either makes me want to laugh or cry.

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