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Life is short but sweet for certain.

I've been starting to stress a bit about finances. Then I logged into my visa account and saw how little credit I have available and was about to blow a gasket and freak the hell out. Then I realized the travel agent charged my flight to it. Whew.

It got me motivated though. I started looking at accounts payable (the bills I'll need to be paying over the next two months) and accounts receivable (tax refund, amount in my chequing and savings, payroll, travel claims), how much I currently owe on my visas (I have two).

I'm hoping the finance person at work does my travel claims CORRECTLY. I'm owed, I kid you not $2,000 in outstanding travel claims from DECEMBER. That pays off both my visas (not including airfare).

I can breathe a little. I don't bother paying attention to things because I'm such a procrastinator.

I was wondering why I owed so much on my visa and realized I was successful in getting tickets to Dave Matthews two shows in Washington and also my $200 deposit for Oilers tickets. The tickets are pay now benefit later. When August rolls around, I'll be thankful I don't have to pay for them then.

My crazy friend wants us to leave at 7 am tomorrow for Seattle even though it's not a long drive and I doubt the border will be a 5 hour wait (knock on wood).

She was complaining this morning about the hotel costs (we're splitting a room and the total each will be approximately $100) and I told her I'd cover it (even though we're using my car and I paid for the tickets). If there's one thing you shouldn't really cheap out on, it's a hotel! I've learned that the hard way. It's just one night and I'd rather have that one night in a nice hotel, with a nice bed.

The hotel I booked, I even had us upgraded to the club floor. We get evening snacks, free bottled water, free breakfast and free internet. Considering I intend on playing poker online to wind down after the Dave Matthews concert, the free internet will save me $20. And we can gorge at breakfast since it's included too.

She finally saw the err of her ways complaining.

I extended my Australia trip (I made final arrangements) to stay in Perth for 10 days per Jodie's request. It's the smart thing to do as the whole purpose of the trip is to visit with her. Who knows when we'll see each other again so I should spend more time in Perth than everywhere else. It shortens my time everywhere else but I know in the end I'll be thankful I spent it there.

Time for bed.

I get to see Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds tomorrow! I cannot tell you how jazzed I am about that. It's like the year of dreams coming true.

I went for lunch today with a friend and flippantly said I want to go to Ireland to see a country full of people who look and sound like Colin Farrell and Gerard Butler. Suddenly we're making plans to go to Ireland together later this year. Why not? You only live once.

I'm so happy The Office is back on you don't even know it.

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