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I'm off to Seattle!!!! This day is finally here! Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds and his Holiness the Dalai Lama! How much better could life possibly get? Yeah, I know, Ryan Smyth wins the Stanley Cup and all.

But aside from that, life's going pretty darn good. I get to fulfill a lifelong dream (well a few years old) and see Dave & Tim, and I get to see the Dalai Lama as a bonus.

Granted, it's all done at the unGodly hour this morning because my friend wants to get on the road early but that's all good. I have my iPod with loads of Dave & Tim songs for the drive.

In fact, she just called saying she's a skytrain ride away! We weren't supposed to leave until 7:30! I have my jeans drying out in the dryer right now. She's clearly insane.

Oh well. I checked. There's only a 5 minute wait at one of the borders so I'm not all that concerned.

I get to see Dave!!! It's been months!!!

Have I said lately life is good?!

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