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I'm totally addicted to the google reader. I find myself visiting some websites daily and never subscribed to RSS feed. I knew RSS feeds existed but couldn't be bothered. Over the weekend I decided to see what the hype was about. I subscribed to regular reads via google reader and bam, no more opening up websites hourly to see if they're updated (I'm a political news junkie so I have to check repeatedly) as it's all sent to the reader and it tells me if a site is updated.

I also started adding blogs to my site so I know when people update their site and it saves me checking it out myself. Ah, the internet can make a lazy person even lazier.

Ten days until I leave for Auckland. I probably won't blog while away. In saying that, it means I probably will. But the pictures I take will be posted on facebook so you're totally out of luck in that regard if you're not my facebook friend.

Stupid Wild won in overtime last night thwarting plans for a 5 game Avs win who will then meet the Canadiens in the finals and tore my allegiance between Carey Price and Ryan Smyth with Ryan Smyth ultimately winning because I've loved him forever.

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