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The first casuality of my Oz/NZ vacation is Uluru. The problem is I want to earn air miles status miles. With the itinerary as presented last night, that wouldn't be possible. So all that flying and nothing out of it towards my desire to get elite status.

The elite status is so I can get a special system wide upgrade when I go to Europe. Meaning it wouldn't matter what airfare I bought, I can upgrade my seat on the flight. With my current upgrades, I need to pay an extra $2000 to get that kind of upgrade.

Uluru was going to cost about $300+ per night accommodation, not to mention the airfare to get there.

With the new booking, I'm not losing money per se and allowing more time in Sydney to travel around and perhaps go up to Byron Bay again for much cheaper than $300 per night.

My travel agent, because she's no longer work's travel agent, she's mine exclusively, said that two days in Uluru wouldn't have been all that exciting travelling alone anyway. I tend to believe her. Historically it has an Aborigine aspect but then all of Australia does (see how easily I can justify ditching it when it doesn't suit my plans?).

As it stands now, it's still cheaper than what I budgeted for the flight and I have an appointment with my tax person and when I realized there are three pay periods in May, everything is turning out fine.

Not that I'm worried or anything. I still have some travel claims coming back to me that'll pay off my credit card and the way I look at it, I don't cook much at home to begin with so all those meals I'll be paying for in Australia, I'd have had to pay for here, ne pas?

Hockey playoffs have begun. I haven't entered any playoff pool this season even though I am cheering for the Avs. Just doesn't seem the same without my boys in copper and blue.

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