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Here's the trip I wanted to take to Australia:

Depart Vancouver to Auckland. Rent a car in Auckland and drive around New Zealand, going to wherever I want, sleeping wherever I want.

Depart Auckland to Perth to attend Jodie's wedding.

Depart Perth to Uluru. Uluru has a lot of Aborigine history surrounding it and I thought this trip it would be a great opportunity to check it out.

Depart Uluru to Sydney. Sydney would be the home base for about a week. I figured I could rent a car and drive up to Byron Bay perhaps and any point of interest.

Depart Sydney to Vancouver in time for some serious meetings around the 21st of May.

You'd figure in the age of the internet it would be really easy to make the reservations online.

I went to Air Canada's website and tried doing multiple destinations. They wouldn't/couldn't book my flights within Australia.

I went to Qantas. It wouldn't/couldn't let me do Auckland around Australia and back to Vancouver. Plus it had weird stopovers in the US and if I can avoid travelling to the US this trip, I will.

I went to Air New Zealand. Navigating around the site I wanted to put a bullet hole through my laptop. It would open browser after browser after browser but it wouldn't let me do multiple destinations.

At this point I decided to do something I figured I should have done awhile ago. Call a travel agent. We use one specific one for work so I emailed her.

She then emailed back with a bunch of questions. I told her the only firm date is May 4, when I have to be in Perth and beyond that everything is flexible.

My blackberry starts buzzing around 10:30 last night and it's the itinerary! She worked on it that long. And she managed to get the airfare below $3k. I kid you not. Yeah, it includes stopovers in California but if it's saving me $1000 I can handle the inconvenience.

I'm calling her today to give her my credit card number and she can book. Looks like I'm going to Australia and New Zealand.

I decided to throw New Zealand in per
Claire's ranting on facebook on I'd be daft if I didn't include New Zealand as it's 10x better than Australia. Why not? Who knows when I'll be flying that direction again.

My next trip after this will more than likely FINALLY be Italy, hopefully before the end of the year. This current vacation is me using last year's leftover vacation days and my banked overtime. I'll have another 15 days to use for the rest of this year plus overtime I'll start accummulating throughout the year as well. Hopefully the next vacation will be first class, as opposed to coach.

I'm getting a bit excited about the trip now that it looks more like reality.

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