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I found my passport.

I was supposed to meet with the tax people to file my income taxes but I can't find one of my T4's.

I suppose it's all about give and take.

Thankfully it was the tax return from my current employer so no contacting government departments after they've couriered you your T4's.

Unfortunately the finance person at my office is a b*tch. Have I said lately I still haven't received my travel claim from a trip I took in December? That's right. So good luck in getting back those I sent in a couple of weeks ago. It's enough to purchase airfare to Australia.

I think I'll keep looking for it for the next little bit and if it doesn't pop up I'll call the office. I thought for sure I had them all together but with the whole wedding plans, some things get lost in the shuffle of paperwork.

I just sneezed and had to bless myself.

Update: I have now found the lost T4 and am waiting for a call back from the tax person to re-schedule an appointment. My week is almost half over as I have Friday off to see Dave.

Life's getting progressively easier.

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