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I think Knocked Up is one of the stupidest movies ever. It had far too much hype from stupid men who would just love to have the freedom to say the shit the dickwads said in the movie.

I heard a lot of great things about it so I rented it a few months ago. Stupid.

Last night I got a text from
Mitch asking where I was at, should be at the bar etc. I spent the day running errands and stuff and it was my first day out since Tuesday and I was exhausted. I'm still not 100% but can't disappoint Mitch, even after I replied that I was too tired to go. I ended up texting my "friend" Pat asking him if he wants to come with me and he did.

Anyway, for whatever reason Knocked Up came up in conversation and "friend" Pat thought it was the greatest movie ever and I thought it completely sucked. I had to throw it out there because Mitch and his girlfriend were thinking of renting it.

The Canucks got smoked! 7-1. I think that's why "friend" Pat agreed to go. He wanted to see them lose with Canuck fans. He and Mitch never met before and I'm glad they finally did. Both good guys.

I was tentatively cheering for the Flames which got Pat all up in arms "no Oiler fan" blah blah blah. But here's my reasoning so the record is straight:

Since the signing of Dustin Penner, Brian Burke has been this bitch that can't let go. He's dogging Kevin Lowe every change he has a mic in front of his stupid face. Halfway through the season he was in all his glory as he knows he gets Edmonton's first pick this year as compensation and the Oilers weren't doing great and he thought for Penner he'd be getting first pick in a talented draft pool this year.

The Canucks, Blackhawks and Oilers all had, as of last night, 88 points. If the Canucks lost, the Oilers jump ahead of them to 10th as they have more wins. If the Blackhawks lose tonight, the Oilers finish 9th. The higher the Oilers finish the higher the draft pick and Burke can go suck ass. As it stands now, it's not even a top 10 pick. Heck, I'm just happy he's not in the lottery to first pick.

There's always a method to my madness.

My roommates should be home sometime this morning. Mom made homemade bread and sent it with them.

I was actually able to hold down a full meal yesterday in soup and salad!

In sad news, it looks like it was Trevor Linden's last game. There has always been one Canuck I could cheer for. One canuck I truly, genuinely liked. And that player has been Linden. It's sad to see him go. He was great for the team and great for the city. Best of luck in whatever he chooses to do.

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