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My Dad was driving back from Calgary, after dropping my sister and her family off, and realized he didn't buy Super 7 and called me from the road just before the cut-off and said, "Hey it's $10 million you should buy tickets." Given my current state of health, it's not like I was going to jump out of bed and make the run for 7/11. Thankfully in order to feed your addictions from anywhere, BC Lottery Corp allows you to purchase tickets online now. Within 2 minutes you can spend countless dollars chasing an uncatchable dream.

To appease my Pops I bought a 6 pack of tickets. And got 5 out of 7 numbers, winning $98.60. Not a bad turn around on a $5 bet. I might use that money and go to the casino.

I'm starting to get feel too caged. Hopefully that's a sign of getting healthy. I need to feel the wind on my face, feel my hands wrap around my steering wheel. Get out and see what people look like. Get pissed off about drivers. I haven't been out since I saw the doctor Tuesday. That's far too long to be shut in.

I want to look at vehicles. Granted, I'm not buying anything yet but with the raise at work it certainly makes most vehicles affordable.

I want to eat a burger. Something beyond canned soup.

My roommates are on their slow journey back. I tried getting Mom to make soup and send it back with them but she wasn't buying it. Mothers.

Have I said how hopeful I am for the future of Oilers hockey?

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