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I've cancelled my trip to Ottawa. I will not feel guilty about it either. A travel credit will be issued with the requisite fee attached and it'll be applied to a future trip I'll no doubt be taking to Ottawa so all is well.

I'll be able to participate in the meeting via teleconference so can provide input when necessary without breathing my contagious self on others in attendance. All from the comfort of my bed.

For the Oilers to make the post-season, we have to rely heavily on the 'nucks and preds losing all their remaining games and the Oilers winning theirs.

Since February 1, the Oilers have played 27 games. Of those 27 games they've lost 9 in regulation, lost 1 in a shootout, won 3 in overtime, 2 in a shootout, and won 11 in regulation. Pretty freakin' unbelievable if you ask me. Their last 10 games they're 6-3-1.

If you asked me if I thought this was possible, I'd have deemed it unlikely given the injuries to Hemsky, Horcoff, Torres, Souray, etc.

That they're still, mathematically at least, in the playoff hunt, is remarkable. The fact that, even if they don't make it, they could play spoilers, is still amazing to me.

Look at how they finished last season, after they sold their heart to the Isles.

Last year they played 31 games in the same amount of time and finished with 21 losses in regulation, 3 in overtime, 5 wins in regulation (with only 2 of those victories coming after the Smyth trade), and 2 overtime wins.

What a difference a year makes.

The kids are alright. This team is young, talented and with more experience and the same attitude of having fun out there and not realizing they're playing far above their level based on experience, the future looks bright.

So, even though I measure success in terms of Stanley Cups, I have hope for this team. A hope I haven't felt since 2006, prior to that something I hadn't felt since a kid.

You wouldn't believe how much the Oilers dominated talk at my sister's wedding.

It's amazing how insomnia and illness can just spurn out blog posts, eh.

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