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I'd be lying if I didn't say this pending trip to Australia wasn't stressing me out. It costs money. Granted I have money saved but I've also been spending it like crazy lately. And I haven't filed my taxes yet because I'm waiting for one receipt from the stupid bank before I can! Damn bank. High credit limit cards are dangerous too. It freaks me out whenever I get my statement and see how much damage I could do shopping and whenever I'm walking through Futureshop I'm thinking I could buy that blu ray or HD satellite receiver even though I can't afford it but oh wait, I have my visa card, oh no, don't go down that path because you'll never get back.

Anyway, I woke up early this morning and started working on my expense claims. Guess what? I'll be re-imbursed enough money to practically buy the plane ticket to Australia. I am horrible at expense claims. It's easy to be. I just whip out the visa and pay it off every month and don't even think about how much is work related expenses: parking, fuel, meals, cabs, etc. It adds up! And it added up to the tune of $1500.00. Airfare to Sydney? $1700.00. Brilliant!

So, I also bought my plane ticket home for my sister's wedding next week. I leave Wednesday, get back Sunday. Cost: $390.00.

Then I'm off to Ottawa. That trip, I'll probably be getting around $300 in expenses being reimbursed which will pay for the trip home.

I've also listed my Oilers v. Avs tickets for sale and I'm sure I'll get over $400 for the four tickets. The Oilers have been playing great hockey lately so I'm not going to blog about it.

It's funny buying a ticket to my sister's wedding when we're not even talking right now. She pissed me off royally Saturday morning so I haven't even bothered talking to her. It's probably stressing her out much more than me. At this point, I really don't care.

For someone that's caused an immense amount of pain to me in my life, I really don't think she's in a position to be holding grudges at this point in our lives. If she's going to bring up old shit, I have a closet full of stuff I can bring up at any given moment. But what purpose would it serve? It's in the past.

I've offered to pay for my "mistake" financially. I've made doctor's referrals, I've had physicians offices call her to set up appointments, I got a supplemental visa card for her that I PAY FOR so it could pay for minor cosmetic surgery but NO! It's easier to bring up some shit instead of actually correcting a problem. Fuck it.

At any rate, I think I've guilted a
"friend" to take some time out of his busy schedule so we can watch the Oilers take on the Canucks tomorrow. I guess we're going to be somewhere downtown. I'll probably take skytrain. Because this drinking thing is starting to become a bad habit.

And because I'm a great money manager, I'm taking off to Victoria Friday to watch some friends play soccer. I'll be dropped off at the ferry here, picked up at the ferry there, staying with a friend in her hotel room and then coming back with her on Saturday. One night of untoward behaviour in Victoria is all I can handle.

After spending the morning having to think, find receipts and print out and fax, I'm exhausted. I'm also hungry.

And don't even get me started on the purported "failures" of the Liberals and Stephane Dion. They won three out of four ridings. Our current ruling government won one. Who's failing?

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