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The visit home, 24 hours later, has been pretty good. If I could just spend time with just family it would be better. It's dealing with "rednecks" that I have no patience for. I like it when they think you lack comprehension.

The sad fact is, when in a room with my future brother-in-law, our combined income is probably more than the combined income of said close-minded people at car rental places. But they still have a superior attitude.

My sister's insurance company arranged for a car rental and we were told all we had to do was show up. We even called the rental company to confirm, which they did, over the phone. The trouble began when our brown selves showed up. It doesn't matter that we have a gold card and crash aside a safe driving record.

A complaint has been filed with the national office.

It's a huge inconvenience though as we're down to one vehicle and far too many people to transport.

Oh well, I'd rather be worrying about these stupid details instead of a couple of funerals.

And I would like to note that while I would still love the Oil to make the post-season I believe the odds are slim to none given we weren't chosen for post-season playoff tickets.

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