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I found a bar I could die in, and die happily.

And as much as some,
"friend" would like to take credit for me finding this bar, I've read about it numerous times on Oilers blogs but never bothered to check it out.

This was alleged
"friend's" birthday dinner but with all the insults he was doling out, he's lucky I: a) gave him a ride home; and b) paid for the drinks and meal.

I did make some friends though. The bartenders. Here's Gracie's rules for making friends in bars:

1. If you plan on going back there again, don't drink the first time you're there. Being drunk, while in a bar is perfectly acceptable, is not the first impression you want to make with people you'll be seeing regularly.

2. Find out their names and call them by it when you can. I HATE it when people don't remember my name. I strongly dislike it when they don't remember we've met before. I judge people harshly for this. Knowing their name is twofold. If you go back again say, "Hi Name". They might not remember but they'll be thinking, "Oh we've talked before but when? where?" and be nice because of it. The only time it is acceptable for someone to forget your name and the fact you met is bartenders because they meet thousands of people all the time.

3. Be friendly, make small conversation and don't be demanding.

4. Tip and tip big.

Can't remember what else I was going to type because I got distracted uploading pictures to facebook of alleged
"friend" getting drunk and passing out.

I've decided not to go to Victoria this weekend. I'm just too tired. There's too much I need to do for my sister's wedding next weekend to be gallavanting to the island. To soften the blow to my friends, I told them we'll go out when we're all back in Vancouver. It's nice being lazy and not having any responsibilities whatsoever.

I had posted my Oilers/Avs tickets on e-bay for sale since we weren't going to the game on Saturday. It wasn't even up for a few hours when it got a bid. Which is so bizarre since people really shouldn't start bidding on something until close to the end time. Then I got an email from a dude who wanted to buy them right away as he was the bidder. So I sold him both pairs for a decent price.

It wasn't as painful auctioning the tickets with Ryan Smyth out of the line-up. Man I miss Smytty. Whenever the Oilers had a chance to score and there was a muckup in front of the net and the puck DIDN'T go into the net, I said, "Ryan would have scored there." And it's true. And that's why I will always be a Smytty fan.

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