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One of my friends has a very nice voice. It totally doesn't match how he looks. Not that he's bad looking. He's actually not bad looking.

But his voice makes him sound like he's 6'5" 215 lbs, with black hair and green eyes and plays hockey and leaps tall buildings and does very bad things.

I realized this yesterday when he left a voicemail message for me while I was too busy on a teleconference. Listening it hit me. He sounds freakin' HOT!

I waited until late this afternoon to call him back as he's leaving for Toronto tomorrow and is gone all next week in Ottawa and then I'm going home for a bit and then off to Ottawa so we'll be missing each other the next few weeks.

Anyway, talking to him this afternoon I kept thinking, "HE SOUNDS FREAKIN' HOT!" I've known him for years. He's probably my best guy friend out there. We can joke, hang out, etc. I've never thought of him as anything or anyone but my friend L. Yet when he was talking about work, his trip to Toronto, things that have been going on, I kept thinking, "HE SOUNDS HOT!" It's quite troubling.

I know it's common to get a crush on friends at some point but I've never had one on him.

More signs that I need a vacation.

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