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I got home late last night, around 11 pm. My flight back was delayed. And the complete and utter collapse of my immune system went into overdrive.

I fell into bed with bad body chills. Freezing. It didn't matter that the room was toasty. I was freezing. I was under a nice duvet that is normally beyond adequate but it couldn't keep me warm.

I woke up at 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep. At all.

So I decided to take some drastic action. I cut an onion in half and put it on the bottom of my feet and put on warm socks. My fever broke, thankfully. My voice is slowly coming back. I was in and out of consciousness all day. During the conscious part, I managed to get quite a bit of work done including sending out nasty emails to people that were supposed to complete work for me months ago. Truth be told, I don't like sending out nasty emails. I'll draft many of them but click "draft" before sending it out and 90% of the time I'll delete it before sending. I only use it as a last resort. But this was getting ridiculous. It worked though. I finally got the documents I needed before the end of the day.

Now I'm back in bed, trying to sleep as I have an 8 am flight to Ottawa in the morning. The madness never ends.

Money was starting to stress me out again because I spent a fair bit on this wedding. Against my better judgement I logged into my bank account and my visa card statement and the picture isn't all that bad. Australia is still well within the affordable range and I'll return carrying very little, if any, debt, as a result. Whew. I didn't expect to pay for anything for the wedding but you know how things go.

I can finally get on with just living my life. Or so I thought. Now there's a fight brewing between my newly betrothed sister and our former sister-in-law. Apparently the cops were called. My sister has a habit of doing things without consulting me first and she's such a drama queen. She doesn't think things out logically. She just flies on emotion and when I attempt to throw a bit of reality in she says, "I guess I'm in this alone." No you're not. You're married. He can back you up. I'm in freakin' Vancouver. What exactly could I do?


I'm finishing doing laundry and then I'm on the road again. I fly to Ottawa tomorrow. I was supposed to go to the Sens/Habs game with my cousin but she's a flight attendant and has to fly out tomorrow so there goes the game.

Oh well. The Oilers are playing the falmes tomorrow, so if you know of any sports bars in Ottawa that will carry the centre ice package and have the Oilers game on TV, let me know.

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