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A week before her wedding, my sister was almost killed.

They drove to meet my parents to drop off the kids early. On their way back to Alberta, they hit black ice and flipped the car about 3 times. The car is totalled. The windows shattered inward. She's in pain but no broken bones. While the frame of the car was crushed, it thankfully wasn't crushed to cause serious bodily harm.

She sent pictures and it was pretty bad. The rear window shattered inwards.

My sister and our Mom were arguing before she left. She wanted to take her son back with her (see previous instances about do) and Mom refused to let her take him. If she did take him, odds are he wouldn't have survived. The back of the car was crushed.

So now my sister is at home with the parents resting before the big day. There was ONE task she had assigned to her for the wedding. One. Now she can't do it.

I don't know how much "blogging" I'll get to. I have to finish packing, working, I fly out tomorrow night. The ribbon I ordered shows it's not going to be delivered until Friday. Long after nobody's here!!! Why did they send it out in two different shipments on the same day and one shows delivery of Wednesday and the other shows delivery of Friday? What the hell is up with that? It's the same freakin' order! Gah!

How about them you know who?

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