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Well I didn't buy a macbook air. I came close. I looked at it. I held it. I powered it up. Then the dude said I'm not allowed to do that. I asked why not and he said that they can't. I said look, it started so it shouldn't be a problem and he rattled on about selling it as refurbished so they couldn't power up. It made no sense. I told him I'm not buying anything I can't test first. It's like saying you can't view the picture quality on a tv before buying. I walked away. It saved me $1800.00. But I still wanted to shop, wanted to buy something.

I decided on this:
I didn't get it right away. I walked away to give me time to think about it, went back to the office and looked it up on consumer reports, it had good reviews. Checked out the reviews of people who bought it. Called the store, asked them to put it on hold, went back and bought it.

In between, I found out that I was successful in getting Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds tickets for Seattle and also found a pair of tickets to the canucks v. Oilers game tomorrow.

I guess with all my purchases, the people at Visa were getting antsy because when I tried paying for my camera, they put the authorization on hold, called my office to look for me while having me on hold at the store to get authorization. I was on the phone with the people at visa going through this verification process (all the information they have) WHILE their fraud department was calling my cellphone. I passed, they authorized.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm sure if my card ever gets stolen I'd really appreciate it but if this keeps happening maybe I'll go back to mastercard as they never cared what went on.

And why am I being courted by banks now? I've gotten phone calls offering me deals and pre-approval this and that and I get a phone call from my own bank reminding me of the RRSP deadline and wanting me to come in to discuss my financial situation and maybe I'd like to contribute more to my retirement plan.

On the drive home I started getting a bit concerned with my spending. Between the hockey tickets, my new camera, almost buying an $1800 mac, and going shopping for eye glasses tomorrow I think I need to curb the spending. I don't like being in debt. I never carry a balance on my credit card. If I can't afford to pay cash for something, I don't buy it. I have a running total in my head on what I can afford and how soon I can pay it off. I like where I am now. It's why I haven't bought a new vehicle yet. The debtload is just too great for me to want to carry right now. I have money in my savings for my trip to Australia, I have money socked away if I lost my job tomorrow and need a safety net. Buying this camera made me nervous. Thankfully I didn't buy the mac. I did buy the extended warranty on the camera and I now realize I don't need it so I'm going back tomorrow and getting that removed. I have a digital camera and there's never been any problems with it and I doubt anything'll happen to this one. At least that'll save me some bucks and I can stop stressing unnecessarily.

I'm posting this now because I'm busy tomorrow and won't have the time. Meeting a friend to go for a run, meeting a friend to go for dinner, picking up dry cleaning and going to the game.

Ryan Smyth is back from injury. Which totally sucks because it means I have to go to another canuck game to see him. Which means spending more money.

I need to file my tax return to get a refund so I can end all this stressing. And it's stressing for nothing because I just worry too much about becoming one of those people that buys things they can't afford for appearances sake. I bought the camera because the zoom is great for a compact camera and it has HD video and I'm going to Australia and my sister's getting married and I wanted a camera that would be able to handle all the photos.

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