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I saw the most amazing thing on the flight in to Toronto. We weren't far out of Toronto, making our descent to land. They had just turned the lights off in the cabin so I looked out the window and there was this amazing clear sky and I felt I could reach out and touch the stars and we were hoovering over a blanket of white clouds and it looked like we were floating on them and it was the first time in a really long time that I felt 100% certain there was a God because nothing manmade could have ever captured or thought of a vision like that. Of course, it was spoiled because the dude in the seat behind me turned on his interior light so it wasn't as magical anymore but for those 10 seconds, all seemed right in the world.

Now, I always "know" there's a God. There's just sometimes I question the existence because I have far too much time to think working home alone and I analyze everything and it's natural to not believe.

My flight was delayed because apparently a suicidal bird hit a plane taking off and they had to clear debris from the runway.

I'm going shopping tomorrow. A trip to the HHOF may be in order too, as they may still have my vintage Oilers touque in stock. (which goes back to me being unsure of there being a God).

Still no resolution on the work situation for next week. I've contemplated taking the juvenile approach and just "missing" flights. Or just not bothering going. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission or something like that.

I watched the Nanny Diaries and 3:10 to Yuma on the flight here. I swear the guy beside me wanted to watch them too because he spent most of the flight watching my screen than his own.

It was a full flight too. A few of the morning flights were cancelled so they loaded up mine. I hate that.

I had lunch with a friend yesterday - in my quest to spend more time with friends - before I had to take off to the airport. I told him about my bet with
Mitch and he wanted in on the action so by the looks of things, I get two very nice dinners out of the next federal election.

I'm thinking of applying for some other jobs. And it'd be a drastic turn of events in my life if I do and I am successful.

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