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I'm trying to catch up on missed posts. I'm in Ottawa. Sadly, because the hotel I'm staying at is a host for Winterlude, I couldn't get an upgrade. This room seems so small compared to the one I stayed in before and I swear it smelled when I came in. Of course, I could be a snob.

I met up with a friend at the airport. Actually, I sent him an email asking if he was already in Ottawa and he was actually in Montreal and getting into Ottawa 10 minutes before I did so he hung around and waited for me and we shared a cab to the hotel.

I still haven't decided how to work out the clusterf*ck with the meetings colliding. I may just "miss" a flight. Or figure it out tomorrow. Pray that there's a lot of snow in the Ottawa area that cancels all flights to save me from being defiant.

I sat beside a chick on the airport who chews gum like a cow. I kid you not. I almost defied the orders to "remove my headset please" just so I wouldn't have to listen to her chewing crud.

I thought nobody loved me today since I wasn't getting the usual volume of emails I get and it turns out blackberry crashed throughout the day. It also explains the "x" beside some of the emails I tried sending out too.

I was just heating up dinner and it kind of burnt and set off the smoke alaram which prompted call from security. Thankfully we didn't have to evacuate the whole hotel due to my cooking skills. That would have been embrassing. In my defense, I was unpacking and totally forgot I was reheating dinner until a tad too late. I'm actually a pretty decent cook.

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