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Let me preface this by saying I have a pretty nice laptop. No complaints. Runs well, has tonnes of memory, tonnes of hard drive space, nice screen, etc.

That's not stopping me from wanting this:
Like, TODAY!

I'll hold off buying it. See what people who've bought it have to say. I just like the compactness about it. That's the one problem I have with my laptop. It's not as big as some suckers I've seen out there but the new apple air is just that small. I take two laptops with me on extended trips because my personal laptop has a lot of the programs I like on it. Like fult tilt poker, pokerstars, iTunes, etc. My laptop weighs maybe 8 lbs. I'm thinking if I'm touring around Australia, having a laptop this small will be nice to have instead of resenting my "bulky" laptop.

Someone please stop me from going on a spending spree. Because not only do I want that, I want a blu-ray and a new hd satellite box. In the worst way. And I'm not a shopper. On Tuesday I was walking around Rideau Centre with some colleagues and only bought 2 shirts. And they had stores I liked there.

I find out today if I was successful in my ticket request for the Dave & Tim show in Seattle.

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