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Well I managed to stay in Ottawa one more night. I'm supposed to fly out later today with the caveat that weather beyond my control may hinder the flights I plan on taking. I'm hoping I can change my flight as I want to get home.

Anyway, at these meetings I was talking to a friend about some jobs they have open and he got all kinds of excited at the possibility of me applying for some of them as they are grossly understaffed. I don't know if it's something I'll do, but it is a thought I'm entertaining. I've been to Ottawa numerous times and have come to actually like the city even though I haven't had that great of chance to tour the city.

It's not far from Toronto, where one of my dearest and best friends lives.

The hard part would be leaving family and friends behind. I spoke to my Mom about it and it's something she can accept. They're used to just hopping in their car and coming to visit. That wouldn't be possible if I were clear across the country. As it stands now, I'm never available when they want to talk to me.

We'll see. My friend's going to do some fishing on my behalf regarding salary and the type of programs and files needed.

I went and burnt the back of my hand with my flat iron and used bandaids with the wrong type of adhesive now I have these red circle-like blotches on my hand. I keep forgetting I'm allergic to a form of tape used on some of these stupid bandaids. I am not allergic to anything. Peanuts, bee stings, food, medicine allergies. Nothing. Except this stupid kind of adhesive on band aids. I don't know of anything more ridiculous than that.

As another aside, I did look at property in Ottawa via mls. I have to say if the money was right, it'd be very affordable to move and own here. At least 1/3 the cost of something in Vancouver. Although I may be way off base given I don't know "good neighbourhoods" as opposed to bad and could be looking at the seedy part of the city.


I need sleep.

I also need a haircut and a colouring as it looks drabby.
I slept in so I'm late for my meetings.
PS: Someone at this hotel stole my necklace. May locusts eat them. I called lost and found to pick it up, as was assured to me when I called to report I left it and lost and found aka housekeeping told me it wasn't logged. I know with 100% certainty I left it in the bathroom when I took it off. By the sink. Something I explicitly said when I called half an hour after checking out.
I can understand someone stealing an iPod, that I left at the same time. But a cross and a St. Christopher. I don't think any God will look kindly on that. The bitch is I'm going to have to buy another one if I want to go to Australia.

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