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In my spare time, I leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Despite my fear I'd sleep in, I was awake at 7 am, ready to get going. I've since finished most of the briefing notes, meeting summaries and replied to emails within split seconds of receiving them. Actually to be fair, I always reply to emails right away. If I don't, and they sit in my inbox, I tend to forget they ever existed and I'm stuck with people mad at me or thinking I just don't care. While 90% of the time, I don't care, I still reply. I strongly dislike people that read emails and DON'T reply. If you were on the phone talking to someone, would you wait 20 minutes before answering a question they asked? Plus, it's easier just replying and forgetting about it. One less worry. Most of the time it just requires a few sentences.

I've had a lot of time to analyze the results last night and I think Ms. Clinton is in trouble. While I don't count her out (she's like a robot just never stops and that's scary), I think her campaign is losing steam. The more time people have to think about candidates and the more time they spend listening to them, they'll see drastic differences and gravitate towards Obama.

Now I'm off to the office to let co-workers know that I still do, in fact, work there. It's weird working from home. You tend to work in a bubble and away from all the office drama but while that's a positive you also lose the sense of being a part of a team. The good thing is I can work fairly independently but at times you feel like a hermit. But I do it all in my pajamas.

The Oilers play tonight against Chicago and it's on TSN so everyone across Canada can watch my boys. You're welcome. I'm sure on the agenda is a major discussion on Mr. Katz, the saviour of the Oil. You missed it but I just did a bow to him. He is my King. He better not disappoint or I'll lead the charge of mutiny.

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