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Okay, maybe I'm 69.8% sure the Oilers will miss the playoffs.

Bell bitchfest: I've made no bones about my complaints with Bell Mobility. Sadly, the plans they offer are a better deal than other cellphone companies, ie. Bell to Bell National. It allows me to call other people on the bell network and all I pay is $15 on my "primary" phone and the other 3 phones get the same service.

I renewed the bell contract in December to allow my parents to have new phones before they went home.

The deal was, if we added another phone, we'd get 500 minutes of long distance anytime minutes in Canada.

Well, I got my first bill under the new plan and see $39.20 of long distance charges. For one, I know I didn't talk anywhere near 500 minutes long distance as everyone I call is on the bell network and the ONLY time I call a landline is to call my parents and talk to them for a couple of minutes.

Now I know I'm going to be spending a good part of my morning on the phone with bell getting mad at these charges. Just for once, I'd like a phone bill under $200. Granted, it's for 4 phones so it's not bad but it could be better if they billed correctly.

Bitchfest #2. I work from home so obviously the office isn't going to know when I'm going anywhere immediately. We have calendars that are to be updated whenever there's a change in our schedule. I also have weekly meetings with my supervisor to review everything that needs to get done. I advised her of my trip to Ottawa weeks ago. She knew it was coming.

During our meeting yesterday, I reminded her and she tells me I have to change it. It's mandatory for all staff to be at this "strategic planning" and I can only attend one day of meetings. WHAT? My flight is already booked. Why not tell me this crap before I book my flight, after I've stated what my plans are for the month?

I don't know how to go about defying these orders. The problem is, the important date of the meeting is Thursday. It's where a lot of negotiations around programs can take place. Leaving and not making that date would defeat the whole purpose of attending in the first place. And let's be serious, half our staff missed the last strategic planning session. Me missing this one isn't going to change the outcome. I worked on our workplan yesterday, it will be presented by the management team. We don't need three of us to do that. It pisses me off. Trying to find a balance is proving difficult.

At any rate, I need to do laundry and pack, something I've been lazy to do. I have a flight tonight for Toronto. At least I'm spending the weekend in Toronto with friends. Get away from all this bullshit.

Honestly, I think they like me at these stupid meetings because the crowd at work is generally quiet and would do whatever anyone says without questioning and I ask the questions. But that's something they have to work on. I can't babysit all the time.

Can you believe the Oilers won two in a row?

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