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I am so happy to be home. There's something about always getting back here that makes me happy. Even though I'm not an "original" Vancouverite, this place is home to me. Despite the fact I dislike the Canucks a lot

When I was discussing my options of a new job with my Mom, I told her there may be a chance that I could still work from home and she replied, "but you'd get bored here." Then she thought about it and said, "wait, where do you consider home?" and I kind of laughed and said, "Vancouver."

I'm debating on when to book my trip to Australia. Should I book now or wait until March/April. My intent is to fly out on April 20. I thought of flying out on the 21st because I'm participating in the Sun Run but saw that the flight is an evening one anyway so I can do the run (I'm not running the whole way), rest and then catch the evening flight. I am going to upgrade. Seriously, I have 2 system wide upgrade certificates and barring a lottery win, I'm not going to be travelling overseas other than Australia this year so why not make use of the opportunity to travel first class.

I slept really weird my last night in Ottawa. Or I'm not used to a double sized bed anymore (there's no way that was a queen) and felt cramped. Another reason I'm happy. I can sprawl out on my bed.

I have meetings all day today. I've asked my supervisor to not ask me to go on anymore travel until March because I'm tired of flight problems. I have the worst luck.

I'm also hoping the meeting ends early because I'm going to make a constructive effort to shop for glasses.

I need to find tickets to the Oilers game here on Saturday. I also have to figure out who's going to come with me since some grad student, not mentioning any names, only pretends to love the Oilers but instead loves Aldergrove more.

Because I'm such a dedicated and loyal employee, I've been awake and on a conference call since 6 am and it's now 7:50 and I should be getting ready my meetings.

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